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Welcome to the Music Dreams USA Artist News page. We will post EVERYTHING  that is going on with our very own artists and make you feel like you are connected to them 24/7.

News Updates:

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Welcome to the Music Dreams USA artist news updates second edition. We continue to grow with close to 4000 listeners who have come , listened and checked us out. We continue to attract some of the best talent in the music industry. We just opened up our second radio station which plays the 60s to the 90s and can be found here : www.musicdreamsusa.com

Now it's my pleasure to introduce you to some really kewl incredible artists who have agreed to join our family and allow us to play their awesome music.

1) Alanas Chounau & Mark Reeder--- This is an incredible pop group out of the UK. Please check out their bio and story on our artist page here: www.musicdreamsusa.com , their hit single called All Alone which can be heard on music dreams usa.

2) Chad Bushnell----if there was a true authentic spirit to cross the threshold of country music with christian standards it would be Chad Bushnell . Chad had a #1 hit on the christian weekly charts called " What Would Jesus Do" he has also toured with Lee Brice, Scotty Mccreary and many more . One fun fact about Chad is he is a true cowboy who loves horses. Please go to our website under the artist page to find out more : www.musicdreamsusa.com

3) Crushed Velvet ---- this is an incredible female artist band who has a great rock and roll sound . We are so excited to have them. The band has some great songs out right now and can be heard on Music Dreams USA called " Torn Apart" , " Always", " Release me"

4) Samantha Ann---She has an incredible music story who overcame personal setbacks to set the music seen on fire. You can check out all her music on spotify and our radio station. Her latest hits are "My All", "Hold On", "Look Up", "ILY". We are so blessed to have such a great talent join our family. To find out more about this amazing artist please go to: www.diaanimedia.com

5) Signs To The City---- This is an amazing canadian rock band that is gaining momentum fresh off touring with another canadian legend rock band loverboy. They have a new album out called " Not Made Of Miracles" You can check out their music here on music dreams usa and their website: www.soundsofthecity.com

6) The JFMC---This artist has an amazing sound along the likes of Run D.M.C and compares his style as a purveyor of deep,infectious vocal groove and a feel good atmosphere . You can check out all his latest hits right here on music dreams usa radio. Please go to the artist page to listen/purchase his amazing hits.

This will put a wrap on another edition of the Music Dreams USA Radio artist news updates. Until the next time , Thank you for listening and supporting your artists and DJs worldwide. Blessings to you and yours.....

Jenna Nation is an gifted and talented pop artist who continues to tear up the music charts with her smash hits and for all the latest and greatest please check her out here: https://g.co/kgs/3Xe2Jx

Jimmy Lewis is a incredible country music writer and singer out of Louisiana.  As of this posting he is in the studios recording a brand new album which will be his 3rd. Please check him out on www.jimmylewismusic.com

Once Jimmy's new album is released you can hear it first right here on Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide.

Brandon Bing is another incredible country music writer and singer out of Florida.  Brandon not only is a great artist,  he also owns a wine company which is doing very well. As of this posting Brandon is in Nashville recording another brand new album.  For all the latest and greatest news please check him out here : https://g.co/kgs/Lb6oon

The Heartland Roots Band is another incredible country music band out of the UK. They are on fire and have a song called Country Mile which currently sits at number 5 on the iTunes country charts.  They have been nominated for band of the year and need our votes to get them there. They are currently still in the UK waiting for the virus to clear up so they can hit the road promoting their brand new album.  We have to say a very happy birthday to lead singer Anna who recently celebrated her birthday. We wish her a happy birthday and many more to follow.  Please check out all the latest and greatest from the Heartland Roots Band right here: https://g.co/kgs/mQRR3f

Until the next time thank you for checking us out!

Listen: www.musicdreamsusa.com