If you are interested in having your music played on Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide. You are confirming that you own 100% of your music and artwork rights. If you do not own the rights to your music we CAN NOT play your music there are no exceptions. Music Dreams USA Radio and its partners hold the rights to add/subtract any music submitted for airplay.

Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide is super excited you are considering using our radio station worldwide to play your music. We are a full service professional internet streaming radio station worldwide. We play a great mix of music for everyone and mix in our MDUSA artists/DJs worldwide. We DO NOT charge you and there are NO FEES. We will play your approved music and promote you on our website/social media outlets. You own 100% of your music rights/artwork. We will play what you say as long as it is approved music. We work with a record label out of Phoenix Arizona Ariana Records. Our goal is to help promote you and get your music out for exposure, promotions, potential bookings. Music Dreams USA Radio makes NO GUARANTEES while your music is aired on our radio station.