Big Kenney Skinny

Hey, how are you? Greetings from Fort Worth, TX. My name is Kenney” Big Skinny” Pope.

I am a grizzled radio veteran DJ with a ton of music in the industry. I started off in radio part time while working a full-time job. No, I did not start out as a DJ. I was what is called the grunt in the radio industry, promotions. We basically stand around gather information and give away free stuff. I gradually moved into board operator, which taught me a lot of valuable skills. Eventually after years of dedication and perseverance I finally had my own drive time radio show. Back in the day I was on air from 3-7pm Monday-Friday. Well I got married and decided I wanted to spend more time with my wife Cynthia. Radio makes for a lot of crazy hours, not to mention I was driving 160 miles round trip daily to get to and from the station. I have been in sales for the oil and gas industry for about the last 10 plus years. Then along comes the pandemic and wipes my job out. I decided to put my talents to work with my business, BigSkinny Voiceovers. We help promote businesses with voice work and audio creation and editing as well as Podcast. I am also using my radio skills here at Music Dreams USA Worldwide.

I am above all, a music fan hoping to help promote a worldwide community of music and friends.

Much love,
Big Skinny