Leah Kirrane

Singer/Songwriter Leah Kirrane

Hi, I'm Leah Kirrane,

I love to ponder, observe, read, write, learn, teach (I homeschool my kids), make music, sew, grow, create, be, and love. So that is what I do. ​I simply share my thoughts, voice, music, books, poetry and actions to help open someone’s eyes, broaden a perspective, motivate to action, lighten a path, or soothe a soul.

It's not for the sake of wealth or fame, but for the healing and unifying of our hurting world. It begins with my family, then ventures out through my inclinations as a writer and musician, and as co-founder, with my husband, Cameron, (whom I met on Facebook), of The Omni Foundation, a non-profit company.

The Omni Foundation is set up to support the building of intentional communities to serve as models for sustainable and regenerative living, and promote health of mind, body, spirit and environment.

It was this vision that brought Cameron and me together, Cameron in South Africa, and myself and my two young children, recently widowed, in California. We moved to South Africa in Fall 2016, were married two months later, and have been building our dream together ever since.

My children's books, music and poetry are always written with universal messages meant to offer guidance, encouragement and inspiration.

​My first album, "Because I'm Free," was released September 21, 2019.

​I have also just released a new song called "It's Time for the People to Step In." The title and message were inspired by the same words of presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson. This song led me to initiate an album collaboration project which in support of the Marianne Williamson campaign. To be released this month (Oct., 2019)

​As with all my other dreams and endeavors, they will unfold when the timing is right.

​​​Until then, and forever after, infinite blessings to you and yours.

​~Leah Kirrane


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