Thank you for checking out Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide . We are more than just a worldwide radio station that plays great music all day long. We are in the business to help our clients. It has been our experience that companies, people, artists need an avenue to help promote their products and services. They just do not know where to turn to. We are changing that today! Music Dreams USA Radio and it’s partners have the talent and ability to honor ANY REQUEST you may have. Please see below all the services we have to offer, please note rates do apply…

  1. Live Radio Broadcast: Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide can travel to your location and do a live radio broadcast. We would do a live radio remote taking care of all the announcements , prize giveaways and other announcements that need to be made. We are live on the radio playing a great mix of music for everyone. ( internet access required) travel costs would apply depending on the location of the event. We charge $ 1000.00 barter dollars for a 4 hour package plus travel costs if they apply…
  2. Live Streaming : Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide has the ability to work with you and do a live streaming event right from your location . We could do live events, sporting events, artists concerts, festivals, carnivals, interviews, company or store openings. We would need internet service and this package is for 4 hours $1200.00 and travel fees if applied.
  3. Calling all podcasters: If you have a podcast and you’re lookin for some exposure and airtime . We can deliver! Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide will sell airtime for your podcast . All shows must be in a mp3 format and can not exceed 2 hours. We will upload your podcast and play it live on Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide. We would send you a link that you can share with your listeners worldwide. For this service we charge $600 for 2 hours of airtime.
  4. Artist ,Dignitary, Professional Athletes Interviews: Music Dreams USA Radio is part of the media and has the ability and talent to come to your location. We offer professional fun interviews and can download them right on the spot and give them to you. We charge $1000.00 for a 2 hour or less interview. We would need internet access and travel costs may apply.
  5. Marketing and Promotions: Are you looking to expand your business or are you getting ready to open new locations? We can help! We believe in word of mouth and that’s how we can work with you to bring in the customers. We will promote you on all of our socials which have 10,000 followers and you would help promote us. It’s a win-win for everyone . We will sit down with you and do exactly what you want the way you want it done. We charge $1000.00 plus travel fees if applicable.
  6. Charity Events : Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide believes in helping out the communities in which we broadcast live. We can work with charities and help them build a successful event. We offer DJ/MC and streaming live . The cost for this is $600.00 plus travel fees if applicable.
  7. DJ/MC Services: Are you planning an event? We have the talent and ability to handle any type of event you are having. We would meet with you prior to the event and cover all the details to ensure your event is a huge success. Our DJs/MCs bring to the table over 20 years experience in entertainment . We charge $1200.00 for a 4 hour package and travel costs may apply.
  8. Media Investigations: Are you having some issues with a company, person, employer ? We can work with you to get all the details and come up with a game plan to help you resolve your issues. We are part of the media and have media connections who can also help assist . We charge $1000.00 plus travel time if applicable. All cases/information are kept confidential and only would be released to parties who have a need to know.
  9. Live Remotes—-We have the ability to do ANY TYPE of Live Remote. We could also team up with local promoters, concerts, festivals, community events, charity functions, sporting events and much more ( internet access required)