Thank you for checking out Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide . We are more than just a worldwide radio station that plays great music all day long. We are in the business to help our clients. It has been our experience that companies, people, artists need an avenue to help promote their products and services. They just do not know where to turn to. We are changing that today! Music Dreams USA Radio and it’s partners have the talent and ability to honor ANY REQUEST you may have. Please see below all the services we have to offer, please note rates do apply…

  1. Live Broadcasting– We have the ability to coordinate live broadcasts from anywhere for any type of event ( internet access is required)
  2. Live Remotes—-We have the ability to do ANY TYPE of Live Remote. We could also team up with local promoters, concerts, festivals, community events, charity functions, sporting events and much more ( internet access required)
  3. Live/Video Podcasts—- Yes we do offer podcasts for talk shows, sporting events, artists, interviews and much more. ( internet access required)
  4. Professional DJ/MC Radio Personalities—- If you are planning an event of any type. Our Radio Personalities can deliver exceptional service . We have the ability and talent to DJ/MC any type of event you have. We also can broadcast live from the venue while the event is taking place. We can work with you on your budget and personalize a package for you.
  5. Artist/Dignitaries Interviews: We interview some of the biggest stars in the music/entertainment business. We also interview dignitaries/public figures and much more . Please submit your request to our sister station 97.9 FM ” The Vibe Show” https://www.thevibeshow979.net/
  6. Marketing and Promotions—-Yes we can most certainly work with you one on one with that great idea and help you promote it through Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide. For Promotion and Marketing requests please contact our staff…
  7. Charities/Non Profit Organizations—-Music Dreams USA Radio Worldwide is serious about having a great impact on our communities in which we can be heard . We would love to work and coordinate with your organization on any special projects you may have. ( special rates limited spots do apply)